Instagram Has added Instagram Live Donation Feature #Article

Instagram Has added Instagram Live Donation Feature #Article

Instagram has been pretty active in facilitating coronavirus-affected people and businesses.

Yesterday Instagram added a new Live Donation feature to Instagram Live which will assist users in fundraising during a live session for a cause.

According to Instagram:

 "A lot of people are facing struggles at this moment, and we want to do our part to help non-profits and organizations that need it the most. Now, you can easily build a fundraiser on Live with 100% of the money raised going directly to the non-profit of your choosing."

To add this feature to your Instagram Live, you will need to select the 'Fundraiser' option on the left side of the screen before you start your live Instagram session. Once you press that button, you'll be offered the choice to choose to help from various charities.

You will be able to show all the people who have helped the cause you chose along with a real-time listing of the total money raised during the live session. You may also thank every user who made a donation by pressing the 'Wave' button next to their name.

Insta has now allowed a 'I Donated' sticker that users can use in their stories to increase awareness about fundraisers in Instagram Live.

You can use the sticker for a specified amount of time if you donate to a charity fundraiser on Live or in Stories. Accounts that you follow who use the "I Donated" sticker or donation sticker will be added for a limited time to a shared story at the front of your Stories bar, enabling you to see how your group helps support those impacted by COVID-19.

This is one of Instagram's best ways to help people and companies get through the coronavirus epidemic, as part of its efforts.

Other apps that the app introduces include gift cards and food order tools to assist SMBs during lockdown. Insta also released several stickers related to coronavirus to encourage social isolation and advise users to take other essential precautions.

As far as Instagram Live is concerned, it has also launched it for the Web to accommodate more users who wish to use the app.

For now, charitable organizations may be the prime target, but in the future this choice will also assist musicians, local companies, artists, etc. as Instagram still aims to extend it for donations to them.

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