Is Data The Key To Fighting COVID-19? #infographic

Is Data The Key To Fighting COVID-19? #infographic

COVID-19 is spreading at unprecedented rates around the world. To stop this spread, businesses and companies are now working to get the best out of latest tech and data science to combat the virus. Google, Twitter, Microsoft and other tech giants have teamed up with the WHO to organize a 'hackathon' coronavirus - trying to get people around the world to help build software to track COVID-19 spreads. The problem isn't a lack of COVID-19 data, the difficulty is to distinguish valuable data from everything.

Knowing how hard COVID-19 has hit an region, risk factors, spreading COVID-19, and that social and environmental forces that spread are all things we need to know. Predictive models do not only come from general data-small areas can have larger impacts on other areas or have their own unique complexities that may be beneficial or counterproductive to stop COVID-19 from spreading.

Learn more about how governments and companies are working together to gather data and avoid COVID-19 spreading here.

Is Data The Key To Fighting COVID-19? #infographic

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