Mapped: The State of Global Facial Recognition #infographic

Mapped: The State of Global Facial Recognition #infographic

From public CCTV cameras to biometric identification systems at airports, facial recognition technology is now becoming popular in increasing numbers of locations around the world.

Facial recognition technology is a simple way to turn on your smartphone in its benignest form. However, facial recognition is a central component of state-level mass surveillance, and it affects almost half the world's population on a daily basis.

SurfShark visualizations of today identify 194 countries and regions based on the scope of surveillance.
Most facial recognition technology in South America is designed to crack down on the crime. In reality, it succeeded in apprehending Interpol 's second-most wanted fugitive in Brazil.

  1. State of facial recognition                                                         Total countries
  2. Under Use                                                                                            98
  3. Approved but failed to introduce                                                         12
  4. In the light of technology                                                                     13
  5. No evidence of use                                                                               68
  6. Verboten                                                                                                3
Mapped: The State of Global Facial Recognition #infographic

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