The B2B Transition Offline Direct Mail # infographic

The B2B Transition Offline Direct Mail # infographic

Workflows, series, or playbooks ... notwithstanding the fact that the agency signs them, there might be a 61.5 percent chance that direct mail is not always a phase or task within. Are sales and advertisement and marketing organizations so competitive in digital platforms that they simply brush aside direct mail?

Or, is it the possibility of using mail when approaching them? Regardless of the situation, income and advertisement reports have shown a variety of blessings for the use of direct mail for B2B purposes. For example, direct mail has a typical open charge of 80-90 per cent and produces 5-9 instances of email responses (DMA Response Rate Study 2018).

Sending only one introduction brochure to help kick-off an outbound series will establish an extra clear link than any digital channel would produce. Neurological work shows this: body ads that cause a larger emotional segment of our talent linked to longer-lasting memories, primarily to a larger recall of the product.

Check out our infographic under for additional reasons why B2B companies that choose to consider becoming a part of the offline revolution as well.

The B2B Transition Offline Direct Mail # infographic

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