The Countries Most Reliant on Tourism #infographic

The Countries Most Reliant on Tourism #infographic

Worldwide, 40 countries rely more than 15 per cent of their total jobs on the travel and tourism industry. Unsurprisingly, island nations are many of the countries that are experiencing the most economic harm.

Simultaneously, data shows to what degree some larger nations rely on tourism. For example, the travel and tourism sector in New Zealand generates 479,000 jobs, while the tourism in Cambodia provides 2,4 million jobs.

The spillover effects on global jobs are far-reaching, with the global travel and tourism industry stalls. This sector supports a total of 330 million employees globally, contributing 10 percent, or $8.9 trillion, to global GDP each year.

Today's infographic uses data from the World Travel & Tourism Council and highlights countries that are most dependent for employment on the travel and tourism industry — quantifying the scale of the industry's contribution to the global economy's health.

The Countries Most Reliant on Tourism #infographic

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