The Covid-19 Impact on App Popularity #infographic

The Covid-19 Impact on App Popularity #infographic

Alas, living indoors is not conducive to globetrotting. As North America 's travel and hospitality app downloads fall by 12 per cent, this is the harsh reality the industry has to deal with in the near future.

Interestingly, U.S. airlines did not see a reduction in app downloads until early March, which may be attributed to the later timing of the COVID-19 shutdowns as compared to other countries around the globe.

Because the largest social media networks already have a considerably large audience, new downloads are not necessarily a metric that could make this cohort or break it. Instead, DAUs are a much better predictor of progress, and people have been more committed to those sites from what the study indicates.

Social networking use increased from 20 percent of overall mobile device use in the early part of the year for U.S. adults, to 25 percent in mid-March. In reality, the daily active users on Instagram and Facebook increased to 127 million and 195 million , respectively, between January and March.

The Covid-19 Impact on App Popularity #infographic

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