The Historic Loss of Job in the US #Infographic

The Historic Loss of Job in the US #Infographic

It is not uncommon, as recessions occur, to see millions of jobs lost. These events are a regular part of the business cycle and when they arise most companies are trying their best to make things difficult. Then, as time goes by, it is slowly becoming apparent that expenditure needs to be cut, budget cuts have to be made and staff have to be sent home, sadly.

Normally this economic cycle takes months, or even years, to unwind.3

But the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into the economic status quo, creating an incomparable condition from any prior downturn. Instead of a gradual economic transition to slower prospects for growth, business activities abruptly shrieked to a halt without a clear window to resume.

The Historic Loss of Job in the US #Infographic

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