Whatsapp Introducts a New Missinformation Chatbot #Article

Whatsapp Introducts a New Missinformation Chatbot #Article

WhatsApp has become a big forum when it comes to spreading disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and, because of its end-to-end encryption, keeping track of sources of disinformation became much more challenging.

But by introducing different tools and setting new limits on message forwarding, the platform has been making the effort to curb false information pretty well. WhatsApp collaborated with Poynter this week and launched a fact-checking chatbot. In just a few seconds it will offer answers on more than 4,000 hoaxes.

The chatbot will carry information in more than 70 countries supplied by 100 independent fact-checkers above. So if you're uncertain about COVID-19-related news, you can enter it in the chatbot and it'll tell you the truth in no time, this will significantly help slow down and eliminate the spread of any fake updates.

WhatsApp is home to millions of users worldwide and has raised a great deal of concern in this respect due to its extensive usage particularly in developing regions. So it's crucial that WhatsApp fix fake news in every way it can. Giving people reliable and latest information to fight the outbreak is important. People need to know how to behave and what steps they can take to manage the spread. The more erroneous messages spread, the more damaging the outcome would be.

Save the contact number +1(727) 2912606 to use the chatbot, and give it a 'hello' post. It currently operates in English but in the coming days, it is expected to support Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.

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