You May in Whatsapp Now Community Video Call Up to 8 People #Article

You May in Whatsapp Now Community Video Call Up to 8 People #Article

WhatsApp has improved video group calls functionality by allowing up to 8 users to video chat at a time. Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg previewed this alternative and has now finally seen the light of day!

According to WhatsApp:

 "The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many of us are separated from friends and family, and as a result, we have seen people turning to voice and video calling on WhatsApp more than ever before. Group calling has been especially helpful and our users have asked to communicate with more people at once.

WhatsApp has noted that its video call feature is protected by end-to-end encryption, just like its chat option. Keeping in mind that many of its users belong to developing regions, WhatsApp said it has reduced the demands of its network so that more people can communicate with their loved ones without any problems in areas where internet access is not easily accessible.

WhatsApp further added that they launched the app to the Portal system on Facebook, which many people find useful during quarantine as they share their living rooms with their loved ones.

During COVID-19, Facebook's Portal app saw such a high demand that Facebook now struggles to keep up with it. This may have several potential consequences but it is exciting to see different choices being rolled out for this home-connection system for now.

Facebook said its video call function is increasingly being used during the lockdown of coronavirus, so it makes sense for it to add more resources and enhance existing ones such as the WhatsApp chat function. Yet there are plenty of long-term concerns about its consequences and use.

Would live streaming and video calls become the new standard with more businesses taking advantage of those tools? Will that speed up a wider digital transition in the days to come?

If you own a brand or are a part of a company, it's worth considering how these options can be used to promote your audience. With many possibilities, those devices are very useful.

To use the new video call option, you'll need to update to WhatsApp's latest version. Happy calling in video!

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