College In The Age of Coronavirus #infographic

College In The Age of Coronavirus #infographic

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, 1 in 6 seniors who planned to attend full-time college in the fall are now reconsidering that path

Why COVID-19 has hit especially hard on universities

School Hazards
University of Liberty remained open as some students sickened
A few students have sued by April, saying
"Liberty University is gaining, in a very real sense, from the COVID-19 pandemic — keeping its school and community facilities 'open' as a justification for maintaining fees for the Plaintiff and the other members of the Class, despite no longer having to pay the full expense of delivering such services, while placing the finances and health of the students at risk"

Colleges in the United States have endured the unexpected disturbances created by enforced federal lockdowns, and the students feel nervous and uncertain. According to a survey, one in six seniors in high school in the United States is revisiting their decision to attend college this fall.
This move stems more from an ambiguity about what the future post-corona brings, or what college might look like if the situation does not get better.

College In The Age of Coronavirus #infographic

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