How Epidemics Stimulate Innovative Thought #infographic

How Epidemics Stimulate Innovative Thought #infographic

The penalties of previous epidemics have contributed to the discovery of the first superb flu vaccine, development of the center classification, and inventions by Shakespeare and Sir Issac Newton. What is predicted to bring to COVID-19?

Innovation is ripe for those who can take it during our pandemic. Isinnova, a local 3D printing company, came to the rescue in Italy, when a hospital ran out of ventilator valves. They had printed the original part of $10,000 for just $1 per print. Isinnova also designed an adapter for the transformation of snorkeling masks into C-PAP masks for non-invasive oxygen therapy.

Often you need to challenge yourself in ways you've never before thought about. Happily through these developments we can see some progress coming out of this global crisis. What other innovations do the COVID-19 pandemic bring out? You can only decide.

How Epidemics Stimulate Innovative Thought #infographic #History

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