How Technology is Changing Teaching & Learning #infographic

How Technology is Changing Teaching & Learning #infographic

Over the years , technology has been a big part of education. There is a increasing range of online tools like apps and websites where teachers can access a variety of online tools from lesson planning to teaching revision resources. More money is being invested in the technology brought into schools and students are more technology literate than ever before.

It can benefit both students and teachers in a vast array of ways when it comes to education. While teachers are stretched out for time , technology offers a way to cut back on bureaucratic tasks such as marking to give teachers the time they need to create better lesson content.

AI-assisted teaching software will create more customized content for the unique needs and learning styles of each student, which is challenging for teachers in large classrooms. Technology provides a wide variety of different tools for students struggling with certain aspects of the curriculum, which can improve the engagement with the material.

Technology has revolutionized the ways in which students can learn and participate in content during college. Hopefully, due to a lack of funding, large classroom sizes and student mental health, it can help address the problems that teachers are currently facing in the education system. Here at AV Installations, we developed this infographic that explores in greater detail the different ways in which curriculum-technology is shifting the face of curriculum. For more details please read on.

How Technology is Changing Teaching & Learning #infographic

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