The Karen Era: The Threat to Managers #infographic

The Karen Era: The Threat to Managers #infographic

There were 32,827 Karens born in the US in 1965, representing 1.8 percent of total births in the US that year. It was the height of the Karen era, but 50 years later the world had no idea what the generation "let me talk to your boss" will unleash upon us.

Not only that, 94% of workers of good bosses feel enthusiastic about their job nearly twice as much as those who work for a poor boss. A good leader increases employee satisfaction, providing a favorable atmosphere for attaining the objectives of a organization.

Indeed, research shows that companies with strong leaders are critical when it comes to outperforming industry rivals and are three times more likely to respond to change speeds. In addition, a firm with a strong leader is almost five times more likely to experience higher customer engagement and retention rates.

The Karen Era: The Threat to Managers #infographic

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