Unlocking Earth’s Treasures with Mineral Exploration #infographic

Unlocking Earth’s Treasures with Mineral Exploration #infographic

Untold riches of gold , silver , copper, and much more lie underneath the Earth's crust, awaiting discovery — and it takes mineral exploration and the right team to extract this secret wealth from the depths.

Mining exploration company Skeena Resources is opening the door to the secrets of British Columbia's Golden Triangle at the famed Eskay Creek site.

Moving on from other successful mineral exploration projects, Skeena shows there's more value to be discovered at Eskay Creek. The Golden Triangle already home to some of the most successful mines in the world.

A mineral deposit has to pass grade to be successful. The quantity of the sought-after mineral is defined as the degree of ore within a given volume of rock. Generally the higher the quality of the ore the more productive a mine becomes.

Eskay Creek has a grade of 4.3 grams per ton 'g / t' at Skeena Mine which makes it 3x higher than the global average grade of open pit mining projects. That could make it even more unique and worthwhile for investors.

Unlocking Earth’s Treasures with Mineral Exploration #infographic

infographic by: www.visualcapitalist.com

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