When and how did influential people die #Infographic

When and how did influential people die #Infographic

One trend I personally noticed was that those who brought about great social change (good and bad) tended to die earlier, whether because they had become a target or simply because their lifestyle was not conducive to long life.

A data-driven visualization that examines likely causes of death, age and average life expectancy for influential people over the ages

Although most historians believe that Hittler died from the suicide committed,
It's quite interesting to see who managed to survive into old age and who died very early in their lives. For instance, we see people like Nikola Tesla and Pablo Picasso living at 80-90 + (for their time periods far above average), while we see people like Alexander the Great and Martin Luther King Jr. not even reaching the club in the 40s.

When and how did influential people die #Infographic

iinfographic by: www.behance.ne

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