When Will Life Return to Normal? #infographic

When Will Life Return to Normal? #infographic

COVID-19 has sparked a huge disruption in our everyday lives, from front-line battles to emotional alienation from friends and relatives.

After second-guessing everything from embracing our loved ones to stopping travel, there's a big question everyone probably worries about: will we ever get back to the status quo? Perhaps the solution is not exactly clear-cut.

Today's graphic incorporates data from interviews with the New York Times' 511 U.S. and Canadian epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists and visualizes their views as to when they would expect a variety of usual activities to resume.

Of course, such figures aren't meant to reflect every case. The experts also discussed basically whether or not such things could be avoided — like one's occupation — that would influence individual risk rates.

The replies [on reopening such activities] have little to do with calendar time.

— Kristi McClamroch, University of Albania

While many places are trickling out of the lockdown and reopening to support the economy, some officials still warn against lifting restrictions prematurely before we get a full grip on the virus and its spread.

When Will Life Return to Normal? #infographic

infographic by: www.visualcapitalist.com

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