20 Memory Tips to Improve Your Learning #infographic

20 Memory Tips to Improve Your Learning #infographic

Before we get into specifics on how memory can be enhanced, let's describe the two main memory types: long-term and short-term. Short-term memory is used for the immediate storing of tiny bits of information you need, including the specifics of the question your professor just asked.

An average person can keep only seven numbers in their heads at any given time, according to the Center of Neuroscience of Education at the University of Cambridge. The good news is that you can boost your short-term memory capability.

Long-term memory is responsible for processing information that you really don't need to recall. We 're talking about past cases, researching test materials and so on. We can train our brain, much like every other muscle we can train in our bodies.

In addition , regular brain exercise will greatly impact your studies. We've prepared an infographic with 20 tips on how to boost your memorizing skills to help you bring your learning process to a whole new level. Check out it below!

20 Memory Tips to Improve Your Learning #infographic

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