Logo, Color Psychology and Brands #infographic

Logo, Color Psychology and Brands #infographic

Do you wonder why logo designers put so much focus on matching colours?

Colors can be seen as the communication tool used to submit actions and to affect mood or create an effect. Specific colors were associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and increased eyestrength.

Color plays a vital role in logo designs, enhancing the identity and values of the products or the services that the company provides.

Many companies find their logo so famous that we can only remember them by recognizing their single color in Pantone.

So why is it essential for brands or businesses to focus on their color scheme and what will be the public impacts?

Logo Shapes And What Message They Send Out:

Circles, ovals, and ellipses: Project a positive message of emotion. You may indicate culture, friendship, affection, relationships, and harmony using a circle in a logo.
Squares and triangles: Straight lines and precise shapes of the logo also give strength, professionalism and efficiency.
Triangle: Strong strength, research, faith, and law association. These tend to be seen as masculine attributes, so it's no coincidence that triangles feature more prominently in male-biased company logos.
Vertical and horizontal line: vertical lines with masculinity, strength and aggression whereas horizontal lines suggest community, tranquility and calmness.

Logo, Color Psychology and Brands #infographic

infographic by: designkiki.com

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