The Top 100 Countries With the Tallest Buildings #infographic

The Top 100 Countries With the Tallest Buildings #infographic

See where to find the tallest buildings in the world and how they feel. Humanity still seeks grandeur in our architecture, and that is expressed in it. Someone is already trying to create a bigger, bigger, and better structure than the previous. We also got data on the tallest skyscrapers from 100 different countries.

Tallest Building in the World

The world's tallest skyscraper is in the United Arab Emirates. Standing at 828 meters (2.717 feet), Burj Khalifa's 163 floors house the Armani Hotel, At.mosphere restaurant and dozens of luxury and corporate suites floors. The Burj Khalifa is more than twice as tall as 90 of the 100 buildings on this list, and is 24 percent (196 meters) taller than the Shanghai Towers, China's tallest building.

Tallest Building in the U.S.

The U.S. ranks # 5 on the One World Trade Center list. Standing at 541.3 meters (1.776 feet), when it was completed in 2014, One World Trade Center surpassed Willis Tower in Chicago as the tallest building in the U.S. This is also the west hemisphere's tallest building. Although most of One World Trade Center's floors are for office use, several restaurants are situated on its upper floors.

Tallest Building in Europe

Lakhta Tower in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is Europe's tallest skyscraper. Standing at 426 meters (1.516 feet), this skyscraper became Saint Petersburg's first super-tall structure, and is now the northernmost of the world's tallest buildings. This was planned for public offices and buildings, and was completed in 2019. In reality, Lakhta Center consists of multiple buildings, with a smaller multifunctional building housing a planetarium.

Tallest Building in Australia

The Q1 skyscraper, also known as Queensland Number One, is Australia's tallest skyscraper. Like the other continents' tallest towers, Q1 is a completely residential one. Standing on the Gold Coast at 322.5 meters (1.058 feet), Q1 houses 78 floors with seven high-speed lifts, multiple pools and a theatre, ballroom and spa. It became the tallest residential tower in the world after its completion in 2005, but this title became taken from another building in 2011.

Tallest Building in Africa

Africa's tallest building is The Leonardo. This 227-meter (745-foot) building, located in Sandton, South Africa, was built by a team of mostly women and includes retail space, office space, and 200 apartments. The penthouse in The Leonardo is regarded as South Africa's most expensive sectional property ever sold. The nearby Carlton Center was the tallest building in Africa until The Leonardo completed in 2019.

The Top 100 Countries With the Tallest Buildings #infographic

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