Enhancing Home Learning #infographic

Enhancing Home Learning #infographic

Due to COVID-19 *, at least 90 per cent of students worldwide are at home

* As of 4/24/220

The war is real: switch to school remotely

  • Close to 9 out of 10 parents worry that their child will fall behind academically *
  • Less than 8 in 10 are struggling to keep their children engaged *
  • Girls aren't alone
  • 76% of the students and 66% of the teachers are in lower spirits than before the pandemic
  • The teachers are worried that their students will fall behind in the core subjects
  • Maths: 90 per cent
  • English: 88 per cent.
  • Science: It's 81%

  • After a sudden transition to remote schooling, growing pain is inevitable — but when educators and parents work together, students can still learn and thrive.

A study in 2015 found that mobile phone alerts interfered with concentration and efficiency — although participants did not communicate with their devices.

  • Your child probably needs access to software for online learning, but you can limit the impact of distractions
  • Warnings on arrest
  • Turn on "Do Not Interrupt" mode during class sessions
  • Silence-noise notifications can be as disturbing as sonorous
  • Take off distractions
  • For Apple devices — use "show time" to set time limits for various apps and features
  • For Android devices — use "power mode" to block access to various apps on a set schedule.

Enhancing Home Learning #infographic

infographic by: www.onlineschoolsreport.com

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