Facebook and Instagram Ads: $2,500 Ad Spend and +350% Roi #infographic

Facebook and Instagram Ads: $2,500 Ad Spend and +350% Roi #infographic

According to Statista. Facebook includes over 7 million active advertisers

Most definitely many are targeting the same audience as you are. You may think that that your advertisement spending on Facebook and Instagram would produce better results because you have the competition.

This, however, does not necessarily mean real.

In this case study, I want to show you that you can get a fairly decent ROI while you are doing Facebook and Instagram advertising on a budget.

Disclaimer: The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Facebook ad spending in many businesses around the world. That being said, the conditions have changed since last year and we may not be delivering the same results in this context.

Without further ado, let's get into it and see how by spending $2,480 in Facebook and Instagram ads we managed to get 350 per cent ROI.


2. HTML5 Group Werbung

2.1.  Targeted Placement: Facebook Online

2.2. Targeted Placement: Facebook Smartphone

2.3.  Targeted Placement: Instagram

3. Generator of banner ad party

3.1.Targeted Placement: Facebook Online

3.2.  Targeted Placement: Facebook Smartphone

3.3. Think about it. Only think about it. Targeted Placement: Instagram

4. Central overtaking

5. First Pensées

Facebook and Instagram Ads: $2,500 Ad Spend and +350% Roi #infographic

infographic by: blog.bannersnack.com

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