How To Cope With Postpartum Depression #infographic

How To Cope With Postpartum Depression #infographic

Do you think about the fact that you have spent nine months waiting patiently for your happiness package to arrive, but now you don't feel the way you thought you 'd? Are you having a hard time communicating with your child? Did you think you 're not the mother you dreamed you 'd be?

Don't talk about it, mom. What you're thinking is totally normal. Although you might have only a scenario of "baby blues," postpartum depression is also a possibility.

It is a common condition which affects one in seven new mothers (1). We 're here to break down the discrepancies between the two and talk through postpartum depression ins and outs. This includes symptoms, ways to treat the illness and more.

How To Cope With Postpartum Depression #infographic

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