Independence Day in the Time of Coronavirus #infographic

Independence Day in the Time of Coronavirus #infographic

As we approach July 4th during the pandemic we agreed to ask visitors about their holiday plans on our website. We wanted to learn how coronavirus would influence how people spend this day, and whether their political views play any role in their festivity and precautionary choices. Around 15 June and 19 June 2020 1,208 website users participated in the survey conducted on Related observations to note, such as:

  • Republicans (52 percent) are 3.5x more likely to socialize and meet with others than democrats (15 percent).
  • Democrats are 4 times more likely than Republicans (4 per cent) to attend a virtual meeting (13 per cent).
  • Republicans (19 percent) are 6 times more likely to skip anti-coronavirus measures than Democrats (3 percent).
  • Republicans are almost twice as likely to use patriotic elements like flags, streamers and balloons during the event as Democrats (63 per cent vs. 35 per cent).

Go deeper into this info to learn more about how political views will influence the way people plan to celebrate the holiday.

Independence Day in the Time of Coronavirus #infographic

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