Owning an Apartment Complex: Pros and Cons #infographic

Owning an Apartment Complex: Pros and Cons #infographic

An infographic from Assets America, a commercial property finance company, detailing the pros and cons of owning an apartment complex or any other type of multifamily home.
Many of the advantages when you buy an apartment complex include multiple sources of revenue, building equity, easier future financing, tax benefits, capital appreciation, increasing your real estate assets and economies of scale.

At the other hand, the drawbacks to owning an apartment building or complex include expenditure in resources, external consequences, minimal availability, indifferent tenants and unpredictable maintenance costs. Nonetheless, most residents and multifamily property owners agree that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits of owning apartment buildings.

This infographic is perfect for those looking to buy an apartment building.

Owning an Apartment Complex: Pros and Cons #infographic

infographic by: assetsamerica.com

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