What to Plant When: Garden Calendar #infographic

What to Plant When: Garden Calendar #infographic

Growing up your own goods is a rewarding experience but a lot of information is needed. You are going to have to learn when to plant, when to plant and when to harvest. Most goods are planted in the Spring, but the harvesting times can differ depending on the best condition of the crops.

Because learning all of the above by heart will take a lot, we've covered you here at Love the Garden, with your very own what to plant when calendar is in. Right-click the photo, print it out and put it somewhere handy, so the next time you 're uncertain about planting your tomatoes, you can refer to it.

You'll need to make sure they 're in the right place for your growth when you grow vegetables. However, this goes beyond the form of soil-you still need to remember their neighbors and look for pests.

Knew you were never supposed to grow peas alongside onions, for example? And are these pigeons the nemesis of a spinach-plant? Okay, you do our Free Calendar now!

Check down the schedule below:

What to Plant When: Garden Calendar #infographic

infographic by: www.lovethegarden.com

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