Best and Worst Countries for Wi-Fi Access #infographic

Best and Worst Countries for Wi-Fi Access #infographic

Your Internet connection could change drastically when you are traveling, when you cross the border. You could go from having fast, widespread Wi-Fi in a country with just a few hotspots that have slow Wi-Fi inside.

Tech policies and internet infrastructure can differ considerably from country to country, making it hard to know what Wi-Fi is like until it's too late.
So where are you getting the world's fastest Internet access?

Let's take a look at the latest results to see how each country stands on broadband, mobile speeds and number of access points.

Countries with usually best Wi-Fi coverage.

While visiting the world's public Wi-Fi hotspots, high-speed networking and cell phone access isn't always easy to obtain. With Lithuania and Croatia leading the way with fastest download rates, Europe's top 20 Wi-Fi countries are all in.

Best and Worst Countries for Wi-Fi Access #infographic

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