How Technology Can Help The Economy Recover #infographic

How Technology Can Help The Economy Recover #infographic

Tech will flourish whether or not the economy is in a recession, making the damage done by COVID-19 strong enough to build up. Trade School Employment explains how in the diagram below.

Can tech help revive the economy? The big question is whether tech will help the economy recover, as technology is heavily dependent on just about every field of the economy. In the last big economic crisis, there are tech companies that have become household names like Uber, Venmo, Warby Parker, AirBNB, Pinterest and more got their start. Now those firms and others are driving the pandemic economic recovery. Ironically, a lot of this recuperation relies on remote jobs.

The reason tech thrives in a downturn is that people search for ways to adapt. The pandemic has influenced every aspect of our lives which translates into significant changes in the way we live our lives. Tech is responsible for helping us get food by ordering grocery and take-out apps, keeping us connected via messaging platforms, and keeping many of us working with remote collaboration tools.

How Technology Can Help The Economy Recover #infographic

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