Saudi Arabia’s Population Statistics of 2020 #infographic

Saudi Arabia’s Population Statistics of 2020 #infographic

In 2019 Saudi Arabia's population is estimated at 34.14 million based on our study.
The last census was conducted in Saudi Arabia in 2016, and the country's population was then estimated at 32.55 million. It is projected the next census will be in 2020. Considering population growth rates in major cities as well as other influencing population factors, such as birth, immigration and mortality rates, the current population was estimated.

 Many credible sources such as World Bank, the United Nations,, and have estimated the population of several countries up to 2050, including Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is regarded as the center of the Islamic and Arab worlds. The Kingdom is respected every day as the land of the two holy mosques and the path Muslims throughout the world are turning to in prayer. KSA 's GDP (Gross National Product) has increased by about USD 520 billion over the past decade, the second largest Arab economy, owing to the positive balance of import-export trade. Saudi Arabia's export revenue is currently 2.5 times greater than its import revenue.

The Crown Prince Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, in his announcement on Vision 2030, envisages developing Saudi Arabia as an economic powerhouse and a gateway linking Asia, Europe and Africa.

Saudi Arabia’s Population Statistics of 2020 #infographic

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