The 5 Biggest GDPR Fines To Date #infographic

 The 5 Biggest GDPR Fines To Date #infographic

Organizations have had an increased obligation to protect the data of their staff, customers and partners since the implementation of the GDPR legislation in 2018. Violations of the GDPR can prove to be a very expensive error, as the possible penalties for doing so are significant – even for large businesses.

Despite the fact that GDPR has only been in effect for a short time, its influence on the business environment has been significant, as most businesses have had to implement new data protection procedures and recruit workers whose function is entirely dedicated to ensuring that user data is properly captured, processed and (if necessary) deleted.

While most businesses have generally quickly adjusted to the changed regulatory climate, a number of very large corporations, well aware of the regulations (and the possible penalties for breaching them), have been found to be responsible for some severe violations of the data protection protocols required.

This has resulted in some enormous fines being handed out, and in this infographic, we’ve outlined the 5 biggest ones so far.

The size of the figures involved is eye-watering, to the extent that even the most defective of organizations will surely think twice before they break the GDPR regulations!

 The 5 Biggest GDPR Fines To Date #infographic

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