100 U.s. Cities, Ranked by Commute Time #infographic


100 U.s. Cities, Ranked by Commute Time #infographic

Highways often become parking lots, trains are late, and everyone fails to get to work on time. But who is actually battling the so-called "monkey race"? What are the best and worst cities in the United States for commuting? In order to find out who has the worst commute, we have analyzed the top 100 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States and found the average commute time by city. The best and worst commuting cities in America are right here!

There is an average commuting time of 38.6 minutes in the small town of East Stroudsburg, PA. The place is about an hour and a half away from New York City and about two hours away from Philadelphia, nestled in the hills of northern Pennsylvania. However, with around 76,460 residents in total, this metro region has a very small population.

The worst location for commuting by far is the greater New York City area (New York-Newark-Jersey City), with an average commute of 36.3 minutes, out of the top 100 most populated metro areas in the U.S. It has one of the worst commutes in America, having a commute of more than an hour for 21.4 percent of the population. (The number, of course, does not quite encompass how terrible it can be to fly to Manhattan at certain times of the day.

There are many local governments that can do to combat some of the worst traffic, from more at-home jobs to more efficient public transport. Cities in the U.S. are becoming more abundant and more populated, so the problem of travel time is likely to continue to come up again and again

100 U.s. Cities, Ranked by Commute Time #infographic

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