29 Psychological Tricks To Make You Buy More #infographic


29 Psychological Tricks To Make You Buy More #infographic

Ever suffered the guilt of the buyer? Not alone are you.

Only 5 percent of individuals have never felt bad about purchasing anything, according to a new survey. That means the majority of us have regretted a purchase at some stage in our lives.

Consumers, however, are not generally just liable for impulse purchases. After all, we are continually bombarded with precisely targeted commercials and marketing strategies to try to get us to spend more money.

Today's TitleMax graphic illustrates 29 distinct psychological strategies that advertisers are using to get customers to buy more.

Although most distributors are guilty of using at least a few of these techniques, many large corporations are known for their use of psychological tactics to increase revenue.

Ikea is well known for its confusing, maze-like layout, for example. This is no accident, as the architecture of an Ikea store is deliberately designed to optimize product visibility, mastering what is known as the Gruen effect, a concept named after architect Victor Gruen, whose intricate displays have been shown to transform browsers into customers.

29 Psychological Tricks To Make You Buy More #infographic

infographic by: www.visualcapitalist.com

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