5 Themes For Your Kids Birthday Party #infographic

5 Themes For Your Kids Birthday Party #infographic

A children's party should be fun, today's infographic highlights 5 themes for a day you and your child can remember!

5 Imaginative birthday party Ideas for kids Catering party Catering party A cooking party is a perfect way to entertain partygoers. Look at making the kids make their own pizzas or offer a menu with a few preselected options featuring various kid-friendly meals. If you are doing a themed birthday party, take the menu concept to a whole new level and design the menu around your subject. Garden party Garden parties are great for girls who love fairies in particular. Plan a garden party at a nearby botanical garden or greenery, allowing the little garden fairies to plant flowers, fruits and veggies while learning about the process.

Offer each child a jar of bandana and a set of milk, then swap their milk contribution for a box of milk Art Studio Have a budding Picasso on your hands? Look up art lessons or art party packages for your child and his or her friends for the ultimate artistic party spot. Plan a class of pottery, painting or art and all the attendants will go home in tow with their precious creations. ART STUDIO Rock climbing Maybe you've got your hand on a little adventurer. With this imaginative party venue, you can let each party guest's inner monkey out as they climb and burn off some cake. As with this one, the other parents will love you, believe me.

5 Themes For Your Kids Birthday Party #infographic

infographic by: www.monsterball.com.au

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