7 Interesting Money Facts You Probably Never Heard Of #infographic


7 Interesting Money Facts You Probably Never Heard Of #infographic

We invest money and make money every day, but we still aren't sure what money really is. I mean, do you really know the facts about money? I 'm sure that you're not, and that's good, because nobody else is.

There are many facts about money and the history of money goes back many years, but this infographic was created to list some interesting facts that you probably never knew about money.

So make sure in this infographic that you are searching for some money stats to get a better understanding of money and some of the fun facts that go with it.

You probably know by now that money is just a weapon used to do almost what you want.

In today's culture, I mean, money sort of runs the planet, right? We're making money, we're spending money, we're making more money, then we ... I'm sure you're getting the point right now.

Actually, we really don't know anything about money, do we? For starters, did you know that making a penny costs more than a penny?


Here's another fascinating random statistic that a programmer bought two pizzas with 10,000 Bitcoins, according to Quartz in 2010. That would be worth more than 30 million dollars now!

This will be worth over 180 million dollars at the height of Bitcoin's bull run! Well, that's nuts. Imagine being this guy.

kay, so let's get into the infographic that reveals 7 fascinating facts about money you probably never knew!

7 Interesting Money Facts You Probably Never Heard Of #infographic

infographic by: www.savebly.com

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