8 Simple Signs Your Home Has a Foundation Problem #infographic

8 Simple Signs Your Home Has a Foundation Problem #infographic

Because of many factors outside our control, including fragile soil and weather conditions, a home 's framework settles over the years. This can lead to significant structural problems in the home if not detected and repaired, from bowing walls and sagging floors to total collapse of the foundation.

For home buyers, a main component of the purchase process should be the findings of a competent foundation inspection. It's important to understand the main ways to spot foundation problems early, whether you're planning to sell your house, looking to buy a new one, or planning to remain in your home for years to come. In the long run, this will save you considerable time , resources, and headaches.

The stem wall of your home sits on top of its concrete foundation and serves as the basis for constructing the home, with other walls and floors added to it. That's why cracking and weakened walls and floors around the entire structure will create a problem with the foundation of the house.

Foundation settlement is the transition that happens over time as soil shrinks under the home and becomes unstable. The heave of the base is the reverse, occurring as soil rises over time, usually as a result of other areas being settled. Furthermore, hydrostatic pressure, water damage from floods, leaky pipes or inadequate drainage from the exterior may also cause damage to the base.

8 Simple Signs Your Home Has a Foundation Problem #infographic

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