British Plants: How They've Helped for Harmed #infographic


British Plants: How They've Helped for Harmed #infographic

The UK has a variety of plants, flowers and trees that are extremely diverse. This is partly due to the importation over the years of a vast range of plants, which is partly due to the British Empire and how far it has spread across the continents.

Today, there are a plethora of amazing plants in the British countryside, some of which, like Wolfsbane, can seriously hurt and even kill us. Although some, such as the innocent Rose Periwinkle, which is the source of two effective cancer treatment drugs, may be used to help. Fortunately, some of these plants, like Foxglove, which is fatally toxic, have properties that can both hurt and benefit humans, but can also be used to make a medicine to treat heart problems.

Only take a look at some of these plants' fascinating properties!

BRITISH PLANTS: HOW THEY'VE Improved OR Damaged Dangerous Wolfsbane Scientific name: Aconitum Family: Ranunculaceae Genus: Aconitum Aconitum is one of the most toxic plants to be found in the UK, or as it is more widely known as wolfsbane or monkshood. The heart rate, which can be lethal, can be impaired by Wolfsbane's toxins and even small doses can lead to an upset stomach. The contaminants can be ingested by contact with the skin as well. 

Cuckoo-Pint Scientific name: Arum Maculatum Family: Araceae Genus: Arum Cuckoo-pint is a common species of woodland plant, also known as devils and angels and lords-and-ladies. The bright red and orange berries, though the plant is not toxic, are. If eaten, the berries can cause mouth and throat irritation, leading to swelling , pain, and difficulty breathing. Scientific name for Mistletoe: Viscum Album Family:

Viscum Mistletoe, known for its Christmas kissing relation, is actually a parasitic plant that can not survive unless it lives off a host plant. Santalaceae Genus: There are two kinds, the less poisonous American variety, or the highly poisonous European variety that has resulted in the death of numerous individuals , particularly children.

British Plants: How They've Helped for Harmed #infographic

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