Could the iPhone 12 be the Biggest Apple Launch Since iPhone 6? #infographic


Could the iPhone 12 be the Biggest Apple Launch Since iPhone 6? #infographic

We are drilling down on the data with the launch of the iPhone 12 imminent to show why the launch of the new iPhone may be the most popular in years for Apple.

Though iPhone users were impatiently waiting for news on the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple remains resolutely coy about the new handsets' much-anticipated unveiling. The phones even struggled to make it to the Apple Event on Sept 15th.

Our data tells us that when Apple launches the iPhone 12, this will be the biggest Apple launch since the 2014 iPhone 6. This is major news for Apple, taking into account that in terms of units sold last quarter, they have recently been beaten to the top spot by Hauwei. We could well see Apple reclaiming their crown if this is to be their biggest release in 6 years.

So, what brings us to the conclusion of this? We can see a pattern developing by looking at historical phone trade-in data before releasing a new iPhone. More individuals trade in their old iPhone to make way for the latest model if a new smartphone is going to be successful. From the table above, you can see that 2014 delivered a 61% rise in trade-in operation. This number has remained unparalleled up to now.

Until the planned launch of the iPhone 12, that is. Apple caused such a furor over their next smartphone that now that they have in the past six years, more consumers are selling their old iPhones, with the figure already showing an extra 2 percent on the telling figures of 2014. As a result , the data suggests that since the iPhone 6, this is going to be the largest launch of any iPhone model.

Compared to the trade-in figures for the previous quarter (in this case, April-June), the data you see above relates to a percentage rise in iPhone trade-ins in July-September of that given year. We're just at the beginning of September and we're already seeing a rise to that high in 2014. As it is doubtful that trade-ins will slow down, we can confidently conclude that this will translate into a lucrative release for Apple.

Given that we've seen a 63 percent rise in iPhone trade-in activity ahead of the announcement on Tuesday, you're probably wondering what the most common trade-ins are for handsets. We have handsets dating back 5 years, as you can see from the iPhone data from September 2020, above. This not only tells us that individuals trade in some of the new iPhone models ahead of the release date of the iPhone 12, but also that since 2015, five-year - old handsets such as the iPhone 6s have remained reliable workhorses.

If you own an Apple smartphone from one of the four generations before the iPhone SE, then you are more likely to trade your handset in, as the statistics above will tell you. The iPhone X, followed by the iPhone XR, is still the most traded-in smartphone. This suggests that customers will continue to feel compelled to upgrade to the new smartphone after a device has hit 2-3 years of usage.

Perhaps shockingly, the iPhone 11 Pro Max was released just one year ago, but the figures above assert the fourth spot. With the iPhone 12 (from the SellCell iPhone pre-launch survey), we know that 5 G, lightweight form factor, and camera updates are some of the items customers are looking for. So, with this in mind, maybe its position in the trade-in data is not all that impressive.

Rumors are circulating that four versions of the iPhone 12 will be on offer; iPhone 12 5 G, iPhone 12 Max 4 G, iPhone 12 Max, and iPhone 12 Pro. One of these, in turn, is rumored to boast a small 5.4 "screen. For Apple's iPhone 12, the demand for a more portable iPhone, seen in our survey, could easily translate to a major upturn in trade-ins and thus increased sales.

Could the iPhone 12 be the Biggest Apple Launch Since iPhone 6? #infographic

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