Get Found or Get Lost! #infographic


Get Found or Get Lost! #infographic

Although global trade used to be for big business in the past , small companies can now thrive on the internet economy, taking in consumers from around the country and around the world. But if the internet can carry you customers from all over the country, it can carry rivals from all over the country, or even from all over the world. In the Internet economy, if your main competition was a similar company in the same region as your company venue, your main competition may not even be on the same continent.

How can this colossal shift survive a company? Get found (in Google) ... or get lost among those businesses who rely on a diminishing supply of consumers who don't use the internet to find what they need.

By chance, the websites that appear on Google's page 1 did not land there. It was a carefully organized effort with specialized technological and marketing tasks, which persuaded Google and Bing and other search engines that the websites on page 1 belonged to it. This method is known as the optimization of search engines, or "SEO" for short.

Of course, if everyone already knew your company website by name and not by the products and services that you are offering, then SEO would not be required. But having a website tailored for those who already know your company removes a significant proportion of the market; the number of people who already know your company by name and website is far outnumbered by the number of individuals and companies who are not acquainted with your business and its offers. This is valid if consumers are your customers and if other firms are your customers as well.

Get Found or Get Lost! #infographic

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