Guide To Arranging Picture Frames On A Wall #infographic


Guide To Arranging Picture Frames On A Wall #infographic

If you've just moved home, or you feel like your living room is lacking that little extra something, the solution may well be a gallery wall. A gallery wall, an ever-popular option, can turn an otherwise boring wall into something visitor-fascinating, or add a personal touch to your home to make it feel like, well, home.

How should it be organized, though? The following guide to arranging picture frames on a wall has been put together by Bridgewater Glass.

Gallery walls are complex and, as such, you can not just try to arrange one on the fly, it is paramount to prepare. Make sure you consider the material, colours and placement of your gallery wall before you start, this will ensure that everything eventually comes together.

Your key concern should be trying to establish a running theme when it comes to choosing your artwork, and not straying too far from this. While, eventually, the artwork you select is up to you, if your pieces are related, your gallery will be far less confusing.

Where you hang your art depends largely on where you have room, and where you believe it will have the greatest effect as well. An obvious option is your living room. However, it can also make for a fascinating visual feature to have a gallery wall running parallel to your staircase.

Your choice of artwork will eventually depend on whether your picture frames sit in the foreground or the background of your exhibition. If your chosen pieces are a little different, then it's a good idea to tie them together with frames of a similar style. Alternatively, you could use your frames as an opportunity to produce something a little more textured if your gallery is already uniform.

Ideally, you want to sit at eye level with your center piece, which is typically about 150 cm from the floor. Using a spirit level and a pencil to mark the holes before you begin drilling to ensure you do this accurately.

Throughout the arrangement process, harmony is something to hold in mind. It can be possible for your pieces to become diffuse when attempting to build a gallery. This is why anchoring your gallery with patterns, colours and frames is so critical, ensuring that your gallery makes visual sense.

Guide To Arranging Picture Frames On A Wall #infographic

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