Helping Wales Turn the Corner on Public Transport #infographic

Helping Wales Turn the Corner on Public Transport #infographic

That said, 2,200 front line, support and professional workers who care as passionately as we do about enhancing the passenger experience and who have embraced what we are helping to deliver through Transport for Wales have also taken charge of a formidable and talented workforce.

The 2,200 employees that we inherited in 2018 are now nearly 3,000. In addition, local drivers, engineers, apprentices and a whole host were introduced to the KeolisAmey Wales team – all working as one, alongside Transport for Wales, to help deliver the desired shift.

We took the task of changing the network and we have secured some of Keolis' brightest and strongest to join us to share their experience from our operations around the world. There are individuals who have been responsible in Lyon, Dijon and Bordeaux in France for the delivery of the Channel Tunnel, the Doha Metro system, the Boston rail network and integrated transport gold standards. In Wales, we are very lucky to have a team full of talent all coming together to produce something extraordinary, unique to Wales, and to be assisted by outstanding talent from both here in Wales and from across our international companies.

Helping Wales Turn the Corner on Public Transport #infographic

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