History of the Private Jet #infographic

History of the Private Jet #infographic

The Lockheed Jetstar was the very first official private jet. But with the Learjet of 1963, the industry really took off. The LearJet 23 was a small affair offering a four to six person flight. Some LearJet 23's still sell flights to this day!

The demand for private jet is incredibly wide. It ranges from inexpensive short-range VLJ aircraft to long-range mega-aircraft allowing celebrities and their friends and families to travel around the globe in absolute comfort. Their prices vary all the way from $1-2 million to $500 million.

These days private jets are extraordinarily popular. In the matter of just a few taps, you can conveniently charter a private plane, and thousands of people own one too.

And there were no private jet's, just a few years ago. Commercial travel did not necessarily occur in and of itself. A lot of people contribute to the growth of commercial travel by the private jet. This is because people still want to get higher and enjoy the rich and famous 's life.

So let's take a look at private aviation history, and look at its future.
Although initially small in size (both engine and passenger), they have developed exponentially and you will even notice that the Airbus A380s are used as a private jet!

History of the Private Jet #infographic

infographic by: www.jetfinder.com

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