Ideal Earrings for Your Face Shape #infographic


Ideal Earrings for Your Face Shape #infographic

Ewelries will always be part of every special event in our lives; their incredible beauty will attract everyone who wears them to produce a magical glow and one of them is their earrings.

There has been a long list of embellishments for ear beautification, as recorded in history, which makes it the leading bijou. Its fancy shapes and glamorous colors, as well as designs, drive its popularity, particularly on runways, to the limelight. The word earrings refers to ornaments that are worn or attached to earlobes. As the 20th century took place, however, earrings developed into ornaments used for decorating vehicles, ear cuffs, and even body piercing pieces of jewelry.

It has also spread to numerous models, designs, forms, and uses, but remains with its exceptional beauty on the mainstream. While different designs are on the market today, not all of them can be worn comfortably and will suit your looks, especially the shape of your face. Fortunately, we have gathered some important details that will help you select the right earrings that fit the shape of your face.

Shape of Round Face

If you have straight cheekbones and a round chin line near the length of the tip of your nose, you have the form of a round face. The finest earrings to wear that will help to build an elongated look are dropped and chandelier earrings for your face form. It will work to preserve the appearance of balance and to have a streamlined impact on your face.

On the other hand, you have an oval face shape if you have a broader forehead and a well-rounded jawline that narrows your chin. This sort of face form, as it works with almost all kinds of earrings, is considered the luckiest one.

Earrings such as the teardrop will work to preserve the illusion of a balance contour, while the studs, rounded earrings, and pearls are designed to accentuate and enlarge your looks. So feel free to hit all of your styles with a wide variety of choices of jewelry.

Square Form of Face

The width of the forehead and jawline that may come with a flat or square chin is identical to this sort of face design. Individuals with this type of face shape usually have a forehead straight down their hairline.

To create a beautiful look that will act to match the angles of your face, it is highly recommended to wear hoops, rounded earrings or drop earrings.

Heart Face Form Shaping

A individual with this type of face shape also has a wider width of the forehead than their jawline and pointed chin, creating an inverted triangular appearance on their face.

Ideal Earrings for Your Face Shape #infographic

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