Iphone 12 Pre-launch Survey: 4 in 10 Iphone Users Intend to Upgrade #infographic


Iphone 12 Pre-launch Survey: 4 in 10 Iphone Users Intend to Upgrade  #infographic

It's the time of year when Apple launches its next collection of flagship iPhones, and with the new lineup, fans can't wait to see what the company has in store.

On 15 September, Apple officially revealed its Apple Watch and iPad lineup, but they were still tightlipped when they officially unveiled their new iPhone 12 range. However, we already seem to know a lot about the upcoming series at this stage. According to analysts and fans alike, with an overhauled design and a host of groundbreaking new features up its sleeve, the iPhone 12 series may be Apple's biggest launch in years.

In anticipation of record demand for 5 G handsets, Apple is also ramping up the development of new iPhones to ensure there are at least 75 million units in stock ahead of the market update.

We asked more than 2,500 US-based iPhone users with the iPhone 12 hype train in full swing ahead of a possible launch this fall if they plan to update, what features they look forward to, which model they will choose, etc.

Three sizes are planned to be available for the iPhone 12 series-iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen, iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro-both with a 6.1-inch screen, and iPhone 12 Pro Max with a wide 6.7-inch screen.

Thanks to the bezel-less design and higher aspect ratio (19:5:9 vs. 16:9), the regular iPhone 12, though with a comparatively larger screen, will take on an even smaller form factor than the iPhone SE (2020).

Of the four upcoming iPhones, the regular iPhone 12 could also be the cheapest, with its starting price estimated to be around $649. Other versions are expected to launch at $749 for the iPhone 12 Max, $999 for the iPhone 12 Pro, and $1099 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Although 5 G technology is still in its infancy, the survey indicates that most customers want their phones to be 5 G-ready, to be future evidence of what is coming in the next few years.

The survey also reveals that the needs of consumers are not matched with what larger screens and lavish prices are driving for the smartphone industry.

And if the survey is any indication, in the next few years, we should see compact-sized, inexpensive phones making a big comeback.

The next few days / weeks leading up to the announcement will be the last opportunity for users to get the best deals for their old iPhones with the iPhone 12 launch quickly approaching. Following the introduction of the iPhone 12 lineup, the trade-in value of older models would decrease dramatically.

Trade-in services from Apple and Carrier are known for providing some of the worst trade-in systems.

In addition , Apple further lowered the trade-in values of older devices in June, in order to get the best price for your old device ahead of the SellCell launch visit, which compares across 35 of the largest buyback companies and promises the best price for your old device.

The study is based on a survey of more than 2500 iPhone owners, aged 18 years or older, based in the United States, conducted between September 2-7, 2020.

The survey responses were obtained without retaining any personally identifiable data from the respondents involved.

The aim of the survey was to gather responses from current iPhone users about their plan to upgrade to iPhone 12.

Iphone 12 Pre-launch Survey: 4 in 10 Iphone Users Intend to Upgrade  #infographic

infographic by: www.sellcell.com

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