Microsoft Office 365 Usage Statistics #infographic


Microsoft Office 365 Usage Statistics #infographic

A look at how Microsoft Office 365 and the Teams video conferencing program have helped increase the popularity of the Covid-19 pandemic. These have been the most successful goods for Microsoft. For Office 365, which provides access to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft already has 258 million paying seats. In under three years , two years and eight months, to be exact, teams went from nil to leading in their division.

It is clear that the business still has some way to go to persuade its current Office customer base to turn to teams. Even, almost 30 percent of its paying Office 365 seats can now be used by teams. The majority (61 percent) of all businesses using Microsoft Office 365 are small (< 50 employees), 15 percent are big (> 1000 employees) and 24 percent are medium-sized.

Though Office 365 is not the best option for every company, as they decide their potential communications and collaboration plan, almost every company should take the time to weigh its pros and cons.

Microsoft Office 365 Usage Statistics #infographic

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