Mobile App Development Trends 2020 #infographic

Mobile App Development Trends 2020 #infographic

We just can not imagine our lives without a cell phone. For all it is becoming an absolute necessity. You need the Uber App to get a taxi, Google Navigation Map, Whatsapp to chat with friends, Netflix to binge movies / TV series etc.

The market for mobile apps is evolving rapidly and if you want to create a top-notch app then you need to keep up with the latest trends in mobile app growth. Artificial intelligence, machine learning , virtual reality and other emerging technologies
Mobile App Development.

Mobile apps generated more than $460 billion in revenue in 2019, and $1 trillion in revenue in 2024!

Let 's look at this map and see the latest trends for the 2020 smartphone, and beyond.

Mobile App Development Trends 2020 #infographic

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