Refurbished vs Study on New Phone Savings #infographic


Refurbished vs Study on New Phone Savings #infographic

It's no secret that opting for a refurbished phone instead of a brand new one will save a lot of money. In just a couple of months after their release, most phones lose a good chunk of their market value. And that's what makes the re-commerce industry an enticing choice for hunters of bargains.

So, by purchasing a refurbished phone, how much would you potentially save? And the brands of smartphones deliver the most savings? To find out, to compare the current refurbished price to the new MSRP of some of the most popular smartphones, decided to dig into their details. All top brands (Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, and OnePlus) and their models launched between 2018 and 2020 were included in the report.

Make no mistake, you can still save several hundreds of dollars by buying a refurbished iPhone instead of a brand new one. The greatest savings actually, however, are undeniably through Androids. This is because Apple products are slow depreciators, but renewed Apple products still retain their value and are more costly than refurbished labels of other smartphones. Android phones depreciate in value at a much faster pace, including the newer ones, and thus constitute some of the best offers in the refurbishment market.

Samsung and Google Pixel phones are your best bet if you're trying to maximize your savings while shopping for refurbished phones. As buyers can save anywhere from 40 to 55 percent on smartphones launched in the last two years against the current MRSP, Samsung and Google top the savings list.

A Samsung S9 +, which offers customers a 55 percent saving vs. a brand new device to the same specification, is the best value refurbished phone on the market.

On average, refurbished Apple iPhones will save someone 22 percent compared to a new alternative currently available. But iPhones deliver 20% less savings than Samsung & Google Phones that have been refurbished.

On average , consumers will save close to a whopping 36 per cent on refurbished purchases of Samsung's 2020 high-end flagships. This means that for just $814, you can pick up a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with top-of-the-line specs and features, a whopping 41.86% discount over the $1400 price listed.

In terms of savings, LG refurbished phones take third place, and refurbished buyers will save between 32% and 48% on handsets released in the last two years.

OnePlus phones depreciate at a rate comparable to iPhones, and their refurbished phones offer savings of approximately 22 percent compared to purchasing a brand new device.

Refurbished vs Study on New Phone Savings #infographic

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