Scam Survey Anatomy Web site #infographic

Scam Survey Anatomy Web site #infographic

Pinecone Research is arguably the most credible on-line survey site. But joining like some of the other websites on this list is not as straightforward as joining. Their demands are fairly tight based on the groups they seek.

These criteria often continue to shift, depending on their priorities.

The surveys are invitation-only, so it can take some time before you start taking surveys.

A minimum of $3 is charged for each survey. This may even need a product to be checked, in which case you'll get a product free to keep. Every month they send out qualification questions, too.

You will be given the opportunity to take it as soon as you apply for an enquiry.

This is more advanced than most other websites, which disqualify you even after you have taken the survey. You can cash out, check, or gift card, through PayPal.

The minimum cash out is equivalent to the minimum survey fee. Read more about this platform in our section

Scam Survey Anatomy Web site #infographic

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