SEO is an Investment in Your Company’s Future #infographic

SEO is an Investment in Your Company’s Future #infographic

The people responsible for handling the finances of a business may perceive spending as either spending, or investment. So then, what is the difference?

Expenditure is the constant expense of keeping the business going including rent, taxes, wages , salaries, supplies , materials, etc.

Investments, on the other hand, are the costs associated with increasing development and corporate strategy. Investment is services and products that will enable the business to achieve substantial added growth and resources. They are not important for everyday operations but they may shape the future of the business.

Why distinguish between spending and investment, as both are essentially leaving capital to the firm? The key difference is that strategic investments aim to bring in more cash into the business; much more money; much more than the actual value of the investment. That is the goal. Not always known but it is the objective. For all investments the investor is also looking to the potential return on investment ( ROI). The ROI is the principal motivation to invest.

SEO is an Investment in Your Company’s Future #infographic

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