Significant figures and patterns for machine learning #infographic


Significant figures and patterns for machine learning #infographic

In the world of industry, artificial intelligence is no longer something remarkable. You're probably very aware of all the latest developments in AI and their effect on the global market if you keep an eye on IT news. Machine learning advances continue to disrupt industries with smart technology applications, from self-driving vehicles to personalized recommendation systems.

No matter what industry you work in, at an insanely inexpensive price, you can harness the power of ML and achieve the competitive advantage that many companies are looking to find. Read our article if you think machine learning software can't be available, and we're going to change your mind. Even, for a basic ML solution, you can get an idea of the price.

We elaborated on what machine learning is used for in this brief piece and offered an overview of the top machine learning applications to support your business.

Machine learning for large corporations and start-ups alike continues to gain momentum. The global ML market value was estimated at $22.59 billion in 2020, and this amount is expected to rise to $126 billion in 2025, with a 42.08 percent compound annual growth rate.

The top ML technologies that companies use to improve their outcomes, drive revenue and grow market share remain risk management, trading, automation and performance analysis. This technology has the ability to replace a great deal of manual work and push greater automation, with more than $28 billion of overall funding allocated to AI. Businesses will therefore dramatically improve productivity and gain a competitive advantage.

For your business, what do all these figures mean? It is already clear that machine learning, as predicted by some analysts, is not a flop. ML has become an inseparable aspect of industries and has introduced major developments such as telemedicine, self-driving vehicles, hyper-targeted commercials and plenty of other useful solutions that already help entrepreneurs, making their companies more profitable and customer-centered.

What's more, today , machine learning is insanely available and accessible. In research or creating an creative solution, you don't have to spend a lot of funds. Instead, with PoC, you validate your idea within 3-7 weeks and build an MVP in 6 months. Chances are you'll get the first edition of your product easily and at an reasonable price with a reliable vendor!

Find an infographic below on the key figures and developments in machine learning:

Significant figures and patterns for machine learning #infographic

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