Survey: Eight in 10 Remote Workers Admit to Slacking Off at Work #infographic


Survey: Eight in 10 Remote Workers Admit to Slacking Off at Work #infographic

In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic, more Americans are now operating from home than at any point in history.

Over the past few months, more than half of the US workforce has been operating remotely in their own homes to deal with the constraints on lockdowns and to prevent future exposure to the virus.

Fortunately, many organizations are on board with the current reality of remote work and physical distance for concerned workers and encourage their employees to continue working from home before things return to normal.

Interestingly, many tech firms, including Facebook and Twitter, have also taken it one step further, announcing that workers will be permitted to operate on a permanent basis remotely, if they meet certain conditions that take into account, among other things, the employees' experience and job results.

SellCell's recent survey of remote workers shows the reality is much less glamorous, though working remotely indefinitely at the comfort of your sofa may seem like an enticing choice to have.

The study , conducted between June 10-22, 2020, included more than 2000 remote US-based jobs, aged 23 years or older, who at the start of the pandemic relocated their workplace from office to home.

Flexible job schedule (61 percent), no more lengthy commutes (52.5 percent), no need to dress up (44.8 percent), money savings (35.7 percent), no more missed deliveries (28.4 percent), more family time (19.6 percent), and no unpleasant colleagues (10.1 percent) are some of the benefits of working at home in the order of votes surveyed.

More than eight out of 10 (83.2 percent) telecommuters confess to using their phone to catch up with friends and relatives and access the Internet during work hours.

Survey: Eight in 10 Remote Workers Admit to Slacking Off at Work #infographic

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