The Power of Mobile Messaging #infographic


The Power of Mobile Messaging #infographic

Companies spend millions of dollars every year to better understand and represent their clients. At the MOMENT they communicate with a client, all the investment either succeeds or fails.

A Moment of Truth is each contact.

Mobile communications are growing exponentially, and to deliver the Moment of Reality, mobile experiences are becoming the most powerful form of real-time interactive communication.

In multi-channel interactions, the number one rule is to meet clients where they are. This also involves social media, but more often today, because of the pandemic, it also involves text messages.

69% of customers would prefer to use their phones and then contact a store employee, but that's not the only time customers prefer to connect through mobile devices with retailers. For contactless consumer experiences, mobile communications have also become important-and retailers need to take notice.

Smartphones, not just communicating, have changed the way we do most things. In the past year:

81% used a mobile device to control their finances.
79% used a mobile device to make transactions online.
32% used a mobile device to access public service facilities.

What's more, 85% of users of smartphones prefer calls to texts, and 29% don't search their voicemail messages. But 90 percent of people open text messages within a few minutes, ensuring that when it comes to targeting potential buyers, retailers can key in on this powerful medium.

Mobile contact is often used for everything from restaurants to telehealth and conventional medicine to set appointments, inform people of reservations, help people obey protocols of social distancing, and more. During the pandemic, smartphones have become a lifeline, allowing individuals to continue to access services safely.

Find out more from the infographic below about the emergence of mobile communication.

The Power of Mobile Messaging #infographic

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